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Therefore, iDataFive ERP software Singapore School Management System is an intelligent response to the laborious administrative processes involved in managing schools and colleges system.


Thus, It is an intelligently built iDataFive ERP software Singapore School Management System that caters to your every schools and college need.


Hence, iDataFive ERP software Singapore School Management System provides end-to-end features that enable easy management of classroom- booking, parent communication management,  students, and Finance management functions for colleges and schools.


Hence, It is an entirely online school portal with booking system library management, facilities, document management as well as event management for the school and colleges activities.


Thus, An essential task of managing courses and fee for the same, overall finance and accounting and all the in-between processes can be controlled smoothly using this single platform.




Thus, Using iDataFive ERP software Singapore School Management System for your educational institution can save time, Increase Productivity in a big way and cut cost.


Therefore, We understand how school and colleges painstaking it is to manage vast volumes of paper and we have many other sub-programs data, and to make sure that we simplify that entire process for you.

Simplify management efforts


Thus, iDataFive ERP software Singapore School Management is like a personal assistant to your institution’s management and Streamlines all administration tasks.


Thus, It is a useful School Management System that helps your school and colleges to manage information meticulously.


Single platform for communication


Therefore, iDataFive ERP software Singapore School Management provides a unique platform for the school, teachers, and parents to communicate and shares information.


Thus, It minimises the efforts to build more connection channels to send different messages to different audiences.


Easy finance management


Thus, iDataFive ERP software Singapore School Management simplifies the finance management involved in your institution; from a fee to administrative and operational expenses.


Secure data management


Therefore, The iDataFive software is a robust and reliable system that keeps your data safely and securely.


School Management System Functionalities


Thus, iDataFive ERP software Singapore School Management System includes all features and functionalities such as automating all tasks, streamlining communication, finance, and accounting.


Therefore, Student, children or parent relationship management system


Hence, This School Management System end-to-end module helps you manage entire communication and relation to all the touch points with your school, staff, students and parents.

  • CRM for class/education
  • Salesforce management for corporate
  • Web-based CRM Helpdesk
  • School Communication
  • Event management
  • Manage contracts, partners, and invoices


Also, Training and students management This module manages student registration, their particulars related to the course they select allows individuals and Groups to register quickly.

  • Training management system basic features
  • Students Management
  • Course Management System
  • School Timetable integrated with Attendance
  • Additional fee management
  • Integration with other time attendance system
  • Online School Management Program Reports


Office Staff and teacher management/ HR management software


Hence, This School Management module manages staff and teachers’ details including their qualification and performance.

  • Staff and Teacher Management/ HR Management
  • Management of team time-sheet
  • Staff HR Expenses management
  • School HR Attendance/Leave System Course management software


Thus, This module helps you with to manage all School Management system efficiently.


The courses that you offer in your institution.

  • Course creation and maintenance
  • Fee structure
  • Cost price and sale price
  • Venue booking
  • Reports


Examination, results, assignments management system


Hence, This School Management system module is a perfect platform for you to manage your institution’s study Schedules and results.

  • Examination attendance
  • Result grades
  • Module result
  • Assignments Management
  • School Management Reports


Student administration system


Thus, This module provides you with an efficient database of all your

Therefore, Students/trainees particulars.

  • Student Administration System
  • Reports and analytics


Online registration management system


Thus, iDataFive ERP software Singapore School Management System offers an online registration management module that resourcefully manages all your online registration processes.

  • Event registration Reports
  • Online Registration Management
  • Traceability


Online school portal l ERP System Singapore


This module is a fully-integrated platform For web content management.

  • Online School/Classroom websites
  • Easy, web-based administration
  • Reports


Finance and account management l ERP System Singapore


Therefore, This School Management System module helps your institution manage all your finance and accounting processes.


You can generate invoices and receipts by integrating with the

Also, Student-Administration module.

  • Manage analytic and auxiliary accounts.
  • Seized accountancy
  • Third-party management
  • Reconciliation


School purchase management l ERP System Singapore


Thus, This module diligently manages your purchases such as textbooks in bulk. Hence, teaching aids, and another material requirement.

  • Order management
  • Order lines
  • Invoicing and Reordering
  • Products and price lists
  • Control and follow up


Feedback survey management l ERP System Singapore


Therefore, The Feedback-Survey-Management the module enables you to create, distribute and collect survey responses from trainers, students, And parents.

  • Online Feedback/Survey Management
  • Reports and analytics


Classroom and timetable management l ERP System Singapore


Thus, This School Management System helps you in creating quick and easy online scheduling.

  • Classroom management/timetable management
  • Reports and analytics


Store inventory management system l ERP System Singapore


Also, With this iDataFive ERP software Singapore School Management System, you can meticulously track and manage the institution’s resources.


In Conclusion, It supports the barcode and RFID tracking for easy management of inventory and stock levels in the school store.

  • Asset tracking Product/Textbook/ Equipment
  • Traceability/Barcoding
  • Scheduler

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