When to Upgrade From quickbooks

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ERP System, ERP Software, small business accounting software Small B

ERP System, ERP Software, small business accounting software Small B

When to upgrade to ERP System? Time to move on!

Implementing an enterprise resource planning: ERP system is a natural progression from owning a relatively limited solution, such as an accounting software.

For many companies, this is Quickbooks.


Just a Small business accounting software

Quickbooks is a single-entry system that allows data to go in one way and come out the other. ERP systems have multiple entry points and, with the use of modern technologies like cloud computing and mobile devices, can allow data to be both entered and received from virtually anywhere at any time.


Why your company may dump quickbooks this year.

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ERP System, ERP Software, small business accounting software Small B



Why ERP?

The two major benefits of an ERP Software are flexibility and decision-making capability for future business activities. Mostly ERP system is adaptable to an increase in operational size along with the increase in numbers of end users. These features help a business that constantly grows with too many end users and supports high data volume. It also promotes accountability.




Multiple Data Entry

QuickBooks is a single entry system that needs a manual input of data with a linear workflow which does not have credibility for many business operations. Hence, an ERP Software has the different modules for multiple data entry points. This data can be use either for a single required purpose or with the collaboration of data from obtained from other modules. With the use of modern cloud-based technologies, it allows data to entered or receive at anytime from anywhere.

Companies are now aware of the importance of the tools to operate their functions and manipulate their data efficiently. Therefore, making a room for more modules and multiple users along with the effective communication between them business will take over all of their operations in a highly beneficial manner.

Communication Needs

In large enterprises, it is difficult to establish employee-to-employee and employee-to-customer communication. Thus, QuickBooks does not come with this option to streamline the communication process within an organization. Companies turn to ERP to fulfill these needs. Those companies who seek to improve and automate the interdepartmental communication should defiantly adopt an ERP Software as a centralized system of their business operations.

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