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ERP Software Singapore. ERP in Singapore. idataFive.

iDataFive ERP system Singapore Project management software and costing is a multifaceted function in which efficiency


ERP Software Singapore. ERP in Singapore. idataFive.

Is of paramount importance.

Hence, Understanding the importance of the efficient project and costing management, iDataFive ERP Software Singapore Project management offers its ace software solution in Project and Costing Management.

Thus, Effective project and costing management require the implementation of standardised process and ultra-modern software tools such as iDataFive ERP Software Singapore Project management software as it offers a fully integrated software module.



Therefore, Which enables you to have a solid grasp of your time plan, an understanding of your budget, resource Allocation, total quality management and much more.

Also, With this module of iDataFive ERP Software Singapore Project management software. Therefore, you can have more control over your projects, centralise the resources at the workplace.


Thus, This Project and Costing Management software solution helps your teams handle projects smoothly from start-to-finish.

Hence, Simplifies the Intricate Functions as the module automates the project and cost planning process of your business.

Also, It streamlines the process up to a great extent while allowing you to split your complex projects into some simple tasks

As you want.

From communication to repetitive tasks to drafting to scheduling, all the functions will be automated with this Project and Costing Management software.

iDataFive Project and Costing Management software automatically keep your project teams duly organised and keeps tabs on The progress of the projects.

Also, Since the software the module comes with a comprehensible interface, your project teams will get the hang of it right away.

Thus, the overall project management the function will be something just nothing more than clicking and pointing.

Therefore, Manage project costs since there is a gourmet of cost controlling and analysis options presented in iDataFive ERP system Singapore Project management software Project and Costing module.

Hence, All the cost components related to individual projects can be examined and analysed separately.

Therefore, financial resources can be fittingly allocated for Projects, eliminating economic losses occur due to the utilization of budgets.

With iDataFive ERP system Singapore Project management software everyday mess of spreadsheets bulks of emails and scribbled whiteboards of the project managers can be replaced with a methodical Digital platform.


Therefore, the heads of projects will be freeing up forgetting engaged in non-programmed strategic managerial roles.

Web-based Project

iDataFive ERP Software Singapore Project management software offers this software solution as a web-based module.

This enables you to monitor the progress of the projects and cost behaviour over the process anytime, anywhere with its

Real-time information.

Also, The software allows users to access the system directly through the internet, enabling working at home.

Primary Functionalities

Thus, iDataFive Project and Costing Management software is available with a handful of unique features which are mainly developed to improve the productivity and mitigate the complexity of project planning process.

Illustrative Gantt Charts

Also, With this iDataFive ERP Software Singapore, Project management software module facilitates uncomplicated project planning. Therefore, The software package consists of copious Gantt chart tools to assist your project teams in a diversity of tasks.

  • Schedule by various bases priorities, hierarchical etc.
  • Easy drag and drop support
  • Reallocating tasks
  • Personalized menus for every user according to their role.
  • A complete history of interventions for each task.
  • Management of sales point and price list for tasks

Rigorous Project Collaboration

With iDataFive ERP Software Singapore Project and Costing software, your project teams can exchange information more efficiently.

Henceforth, Using the aid of collaborative tools your team members can encapsulate useful ideas of the team members while the management can have a better Control over their projects.

iDataFive ERP Software Singapore Project management software collaboration of workers through features.

  • Automated alerts of customers project and quality survey
  • Swift requesting procedures to make requests
  • Configuration of project by the project heads
  • Quick assignment by tasks
  • Stage-wise/subproject wise Project promotion monitoring

Automated invoice and quotation management

Thus, Managing of your project related invoices and quotations can be automated for a quicker service with iDataFive ERP Software Singapore Project management software management module.

  • Automatic generation of invoices
  • Invoice generation by tasks
  • Activate the function by validation of one draft invoice
  • Possible association of office with products
  • Numerous invoicing logics
  • Various invoice templates

Key Project Software Functionalities

In addition, This iDataFive ERP Software Singapore Project management software module comes with all the core features a Project and requiring management software should have.

  • Management of project and tasks
  • Multifarious subprojects, with infinite levels
  • Assisting with template projects
  • Quick deactivation and activation of projects
  • Hassle-free of your project copies and modifications.


Therefore, iDataFive ERP Software Singapore Project management software is untroublesome and follows ergonomic standards creating an easy-to-use Interface for its users.

Thus, This software is convenient to adapt to and preferred by many employees in the field of project handling.

  • Tree-format navigation
  • Relations and system of cross connection
  • Extensive colour codes for improved visibility
  • Quick seizure in list mode
  • Variants of views according to role and use
  • Plenty of keyboard shortcut

Confluence with Accounting and Finance Systems

Also, iDataFive ERP Software Singapore Project management software can be completely integrated with other systems and applications such as in sales, production, purchase and projects

  • Complete integration with other business functions
  •    Availability of a complete audit module

Tools for Extra Flexibility

Thus, iDataFive ERP Software Singapore Project management software Project and Costing Management.

Also, The module offers a significant number of smart devices and systems for improving the flexibility of the software.

  • Multilingual and multi organization support
  • Rights and user’s menu management
  • Direct access to the network through the Internet
  • Process configuration and possible alert generation
  • Integrated request platform
  • Extensible through number of optional modules
  • Customized process
  • Personalized screens seizure, lists, states and search

Comprehensive Project Costing Control

Hence, In this feature of our exclusive Project and Costing Management software, there is a broad range of cost control mechanisms.

  • Cost management of multiple units of measure
  • Task management
  • Supports budgets
  • Portfolio management
  • Percent-complete tracking
  • Milestone tracking

Development Projects

Thus, iDataFive ERP Software Singapore Project management software is an asset in managing and tracking project development as it comes with numerous monitoring tools.

In Conclusion, The defects and errors can be drastically dropped down with real-time monitoring and rectifying of such possible errors.

  • Also, Support of rigorous development mechanism “SCRUM”.
  • Status tracking
  • Product backlog for interface amongst
  • Thus, The technical task and functional needs of clients
  • Hence, Time and expense tracking
  • Management of sprints, road maps, and daily meeting
  • Testing / QA management
  • Chart: for workgroup, for project for customer’s needs

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