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iDataFive solely designed for efficient planning of employ assembly lines of ERP software Singapore Material Requirements Planning can take full control of your operations.

So, The module capable of tracking and organising inventories allocated in the production process mounts up the efficaciousness of the entire manufacturing flow.

iDataFive ERP software Singapore Material Requirements Planning module is a software developed to promote productivity in your production planning system.

The software comes with an automated stock system can line up every stage of the manufacturing process.

Hence, The software performs several essential functions of the production process simultaneously namely.


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Availability tracking of raw materials for production and units ready for delivery. Thus, maintaining the optimal inventory level and product units in warehouses.

Thus, Planning of production activities, delivery process and purchasing management and more.

Henceforth, iDataFive ERP software Singapore Material Requirements Planning package, manufacturers, are facilitated with a gourmet of top advantages streamlining the production process.

Improve productivity with automation

Thus, ERP software Singapore Material Requirements Planning module of iDataFive attempts to make the manufacturing process and raw material planning as convenient and automated.

Possible to gear up the productivity of the production process of your business.

Hence, With automation of ERP software Singapore Material Requirements Planning, your manufacturing process will run smoothly with minimised defects in products.

So, The prior gain of this automation is the well-organised and scheduled production flow it creates in your warehouse.


ERP System Singapore

Enhance the visibility in production process

Yet, Once this module of ERP software Singapore Material Requirements Planning is implemented in your manufacturing process, every single step of the manufacturing process can be monitored on the computer.

Also, With real-time production monitoring, the company can implement a concurrent control mechanism.


Hence, ERP software Singapore Material Requirements Planning package is simple yet a comprehensive software solution.

Thus, With its smart ergonomics, easy navigation tools and user-friendly system interface. Thus, businesses can execute this software system without a great effort and pressure.

Hence, Indeed a very flexible software system as it is effortlessly adaptable with any existing ERP software system.

ERP Manufacturing Integration

Also, Since many of the modules of this iDataFive ERP software, Singapore Material Requirements Planning can be integrated easily with other ERP platforms like purchasing and delivery chain management.

So, The current ERP systems Singapore are permitted to work in sync with Material Requirements Planning module with no trouble.

Hence, iDataFive ERP software, Singapore Material Requirements Planning module consists of a countless number of features to simplify and modernise the manufacturing process.

Production planning, organising and controlling management

Thus, This module offers a range of manufacturing management tools ranging from production planning to control.

Thus, These cutting tools will restore your conventional manufacturing process to a sleek and swift automated process.

  • Natural production control and management
  • Reliable production planning
  • Holding of bill of materials and range
  • Formula management
  • Integrated scheduling options

Bill of Materials Management

Thus, Bills of materials effortlessly this module of the software comes with the below options.

  • Multi-level bill of materials
  • Quickly products and properties configuration
  • Sample of the bill of materials
  • Total integration of subcontracting as well as services/tasks
  • Improved rebus management tools
  • The range for a wide variety of levels.
  • Fast production or per series.
  • Review management of production
  • Availability of options of bill of materials duplication

Range utilisation tools

Hence, This feature permits the use of range

  • Different levels for bill of materials
  • Work per cycle
  • Work per hour

Integration Facility

Hence, iDataFive ERP software, Singapore Material Requirements Planning is flexible. Thus, can be adaptable to other ERP modules and applications including.

  • Inventory control and tasks follow-up
  • General and analytic cost accounting
  • Human Resources module
  • Native integration with reordering of materials

A range of product management techniques

Also, This software module is with a wide array of product management techniques which is targeting the production

Of high-quality products.

  • Multiple measuring units with automatic and reliable
  • Substitute product management
  • Product property management
  • Electronic update of product cost and selling price
  • Availability of various production logics
  • Scheduled dates and stock re-ordering time alerts
  • Management of product packaging


Process tracking tool

Thus, iDataFive ERP software, Singapore Material Requirements Planning comes with this particular module, which enables trouble-free monitoring of all functions of the production process.

Also, The management can monitor malfunctioning areas or when the manufacturing process is not aligning with the established standards efficiently and rectify accordingly.

  • Standard tools management
  • Raw material and finished stock management
  • Management of product serial numbers
  • Supporting two different barcodes
  • Both upstream and downstream traceability
  • Control and follow-up of production technicians

Productions alerts and easy handling of exceptions

Also, Providing you with alerts on production this software module. Hence, makes the handling of exceptions convenient throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Collective treatment of exceptions and special provisions
  • Quick cancellation management
  • Reporting in negative inventory levels
  • Computerized request systems

Scheduling of manufacturing process

Still, Production schedules will also be automatically updated in the system.

  • Extensive planning and scheduling capability
  • Material requirements calculation
  • Delays and defects follow-up
  • Involvement for manual corrections

Managing of production and work orders

Thus, iDataFive ERP software, Singapore Material Requirements Planning, administration of production orders and work orders will be streamlined and well-organised.

  • Material requirements based on allocated materials
  • Slide/paste for reordering the production warrants
  • Budgeted and real-time by post of responsibility
  • Automation of series of the production process
  • Content consumption and production management
  • Production support for the producers
  • Support of multi-units of measure
  • Automated stock valuation tools
  • Automatic or manual serialisation
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Thus, This iDataFive ERP software, Singapore Material Requirements planning software offers multiple conversion and administration facilities. Hence, removing the complexities in handling so multi.

  • Multi-store management
  • Multi-units of production management


Yet, iDataFive ERP software, Singapore Material Requirements planning is consisted of a user-friendly smart toolkit. Thus, further enhancing the efficiency and usability of this software module.

  • Quick zoom in /zoom out
  • Easy navigating functions

Inventory management

Also, As inventory is an indispensable part of the manufacturing process, with iDataFive ERP software Singapore Material Requirements Planning is comprised of an inventory Management options as well.

  • Barcoding/RFID
  • Inventory budgeting
  • Order entry
  • Kitting
  • Stock Overview
  • Inventory optimization

Factory related work allocation

In Conclusion, iDataFive ERP software, Singapore Material Requirements Planning software has its unique tools to delegate and allocate company related work.

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