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HR Software Singapore: A module integrated into an ERP Software.

Your company is growing, and your HR department is successfully taking care of all the necessary tasks regarding employee relations. But despite their efforts, engagement doesn’t seem to be improving.

Your HR system team eases administration tasks. Hence, The suggestion to introduce an HR Software Singapore system. It’s time to find out if this is an effective method to improve employee engagement.


Employee engagement: why do we need it?

Thanks to millennials entering the workforce (they’ll account for 75% of it by 2030) creating engagement has never been so critical. Thus, this is because their focus has shifted from solely making money to finding purpose and developing their knowledge over time.

Thus, it is going to play a vital role in business development in the future. So it’s time to get prepared.

What does it have to do with a HR Software Singapore system?

HR System departments perform a multitude of tasks, including recruitment, performance reviews, record keeping and payroll. Hence, you may not be aware how much these tasks affect employee engagement. Thus, their function puts employees at the forefront. It is important that they are delivering.

HR System departments are often burdened with heavy-duty administration. Especially, tasks that leave them with little to no time to focus on employee wellbeing. And this is where HR software comes into the mix.


HRIS. HR Software Singapore. Hr Software. HR System. idataFive.

How can HR software help to build employee engagement?

Oftentimes potential adopters of HR Software Singapore system must present a business case to directors or CEOs in order to highlight the value of the investment. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of viable ways that an HR System can help your company to cultivate engagement and build culture.

  1. Promoting employee development.

    Setting clear goals and development plans for employees is made easy with an HR system. This makes employees feel more actively involved in their development. Hence, increases their performance levels.

  2. Using surveys to find pain points.

    This allows employers to quickly respond to problems and issues that may be affecting engagement levels.

  3. Frees up time which would otherwise be spent on administration tasks. HR Software Singapore system

    do a lot of the time-consuming tasks for you; freeing up time to focus on employee wellbeing and sourcing the best talent.

  4. Performance reviews can be tracked and recorded. 

    This allows employers to note any differences between prior reviews and current reviews, to track development and to allow employees to voice any concerns they might have – vital in terms of increasing their happiness, which will lead to stronger retention and loyalty to the company.

  5. Self-service allows employees to track their personal goals. 

    Providing employees with an overarching sense of purpose has never been so important, and one great way to achieve this is by providing them with access to your HR Software Singapore system; you can configure what level of access they have, and they can track their own tasks and goals.


HRIS. HR Software Singapore. Hr Software. HR System. idataFive.

These are just some of the many ways that HR Software Singapore system can benefit your business; a great investment for those looking to prosper in a future where engagement is becoming imperative to success.

Next steps for employers:


So, the question is, what should we do? How do we make sure that HR Software Singapore system compliance and people management standards are up to scratch and ready for the likely, forecasted increase in tribunal claims in the next year and beyond?

  1. Think of it as a positive. Employers should view this development as a ‘win’, even though it may bring about some complications too. HR system ensures best practice is delivered in consistent and compliant ways.
  2. Once those standards have been set (or re-set as the case may be) the automation of HR processes will be the next step towards ensuring HR Software Singapore system best practice, in terms of protecting companies against compliance risks. Moving forward, we’re all going to have to increase our compliance levels in an attempt to protect our companies – and to protect our staff as well – and the best way to do this is to keep consistency throughout your company.
  3. Communication with employees encourages and engenders trust. Being open, honest and transparent will go a long way in terms of building trust, and it is important to make sure that employees feel that their voices are being heard.


HRIS. HR Software Singapore. Hr Software. HR System. idataFive.

HRIS departments need to be more active than ever in promoting positive and good relations with employees to avoid the reputational risks, time and cost of tribunal claims.

It’s time to take action in order to keep your company safe and your employees happy and well – whether your HRIS standards have slipped a little since 2013 or not, we can all view this as an opportunity to refresh our line managers and promote healthier HRIS practice.


Transparency in the workplace:

In some of our previous articles we’ve touched upon the subject of workplace transparency, but usually in relation to different topics. It seems that it is becoming a theme amongst what we write.

I therefore thought it was time to dedicate a post solely to the importance of transparency in the workplace. Because it is really important, especially as we move towards digital transformation and at the same time as Gen Z enter the workforce.


HRIS. HR Software Singapore. Hr Software. HR System. idataFive.

Who wants to work within a company where the culture accepts gossiping as being the norm, for whatever reason(s)? I don’t!

HRIS software providers and other technologies are providing employers with new ways to report on their employees, but also ways for employees to report back on them – and as new legislation such as gender equality and gender pay gap reporting come to the fore, and will not go away, there’s very little space left for employers to hide information.


HRIS. HR Software Singapore. Hr Software. HR System. idataFive.

The backbone of the gender pay gap reporting legislation is transparency and its fundamental place within your company culture, because down to its core leadership is about trust, and trust cannot exist without transparency.

Your HRIS processes in the Digital Age:

We are big advocates of automating HRIS processes and empowering both HR System professionals and line managers in undertaking people management procedures day to day.

We provide companies with an ability to comply with employment regulations, which as we know are constantly changing and difficult to follow without the correct systems in place.


In the modern age, technology has provided us with a means to store, record and manage our staff members’ data in a much easier and accessible way, and new features like workflow processes allow you to track and record HRIS practices from start to finish. Of course, all this transactional and workflow process stuff is all great news for HRIS, right? Yes, it is – but only if you are implementing it correctly.

I say this at the risk of sounding about eighty years old, but these days there is technology for everything. Some American companies have devices attached to the back of their office doors asking employees to rate how good their day was as they leave (see the image below, from Celpax).

Technology is often viewed as a kind of double-edged sword

– it can be immensely powerful and effective, but it can also be dangerous. Some article, ‘Is technology dehumanising the workplace?’ outlines some of the views on HR Software Singapore system which aren’t so positive, by expressing a concern that automated HR System processes are causing managers to interact less and less with their team members.

How does the rise of technology tie in with the engagement of your employees? As more and more HR software departments are adopting HR system, studies from Aon Hewitt suggest that employee engagement has been on a steady decline. So, how much of this can we attribute to the rise in the use and improved functionality within HR Software Singapore system technology? Perhaps some?

However, this phenomena may have more to do with managers taking the wrong benefits from an HRIS system, where the focus is on using them to save the time and effort that goes into people management, instead of how they should be using them – to free up time to interact with employees, get to know them, promote engagement and improve their overall experience.


HRIS. HR Software Singapore. Hr Software. HR System. idataFive.


Employee engagement itself has become the number one trend in HR Software in 2017. It’s becoming increasingly important to provide your employees with a mixture of good benefits and strong manager/employee relations, as well as a welcoming, progressive and collaborative company culture.


By adopting HR Software Singapore system that manages many of the procedures for you.

HRIS and people managers will have the time to cultivate these relationships and increase their employee engagement overall. This in turn will have a positive impact on the whole company in terms of achieving goals and objectives and therefore impacting the bottom line.

If using technology means that HR System managers are spending more time staring at a computer screen than interacting with staff members, you know there’s a problem. HR Software Singapore system – if your managers are using systems correctly, they should be interacting with staff more, not less.

How many of us conduct ‘Stay Interviews’, or encourage regular informal 1-2-1’s, or even compile a satisfaction survey? No HRIS will provide you with the answers automatically but you could be finding ways in which you use your HR software to help you in the quest to ‘rehumanise’, rather than dehumanise, the workforce.


HRIS. HR Software Singapore. Hr Software. HR System. idataFive.

Process-Driven Probationary Reviews:

We believe that providing system capability, driven by any clients’ own desires on how to conduct probationary review processes, is an absolute must if we’re to have far more effective probation meetings with our employees.

So, let’s start by agreeing that we should all adopt the following 8 top tips, aimed at people managers on how to approach and conduct Probationary Reviews, as follows:

  1. Conduct Regular Meetings
    2. Be Prepared
    3. Provide Feedback
    4. Explore Problems
    5. Set the Correct Tone
    6. Encourage an Open Dialogue
    7. Agree an Action Plan
    8. Make a Record of Progress and Outcomes

In a forthcoming idataFive product release, you will have the ability to create as many Probation Review Processes as you require and have the ability to define your own stages within each of them. So, as examples, you may have Employees with a 3 month review period, where you wish to meet with them every month, or maybe a Manager with a 6 month review period, where you wish to sit down with them every 6 weeks.


Documentation can be uploaded against each review stage. Hence, where users will be able to download any associated documentation as they carry out the review process.


Clients can upload their own guidance documentation making this available and visible for the users. Hence, they undertake a particular process. Perhaps, highlighting how the review should be conducted or setting the tone etc.


As with all emails, the templates can be easily configured, wording changed, recipients selected and reminder periods set

HRIS. HR Software Singapore. Hr Software. HR System. idataFive.

The Probation Process: HR System

When the Manager is reminded of a probation meeting:

  • They book the review meeting in idataFive and this will in turn trigger the appropriate notifications
  • This screen will have the option to download a copy of any documents attached to the stage within the process
  • Once the meeting has taken place:
  1.  The Manager can upload any documents and notes for this stage2.  The Manager makes a decision, based on the following:Pass– proceed in the process, unless it’s the final stage then they will be taken to the letter stage
    Fail– take the Manager to the Record a Leaver screen
    Extend – only applicable if the last stage in the process.

Finally, the Manager and HRIS user (with the correct Permissions) can view the current and historic Probation Review Processes and all of the associated documents/notes held against each stage.

HR Software Singapore system allows recruitment on boarding process (something that can be very handy when not all managers are in the office at the same time) Also,analysing data to make sure the best employees are working in the best roles to suit their skills.

In a modern world, HR system has come a long way, with much of it automated to make the HRIS department’s day-to-day role easier, so they can focus on improving flexible practices work for the organisation, with more motivated, productive employees.

ERP Software. ERP Software System. ERP System Singapore. IdataFive

Key features: HR System

HR Software Singapore system covers a variety of different aspects of HRIS, including initial recruitment and interviewing, the on boarding process and management of existing staff. Some of these features improve the way businesses operate, while other elements ensure organisations are compliant with the law.

HR software can manage the entire employee lifecycle for you. From applicant screening technologies and social recruiting, through to payroll and benefits admin. For things such as signing up for benefits and viewing their payslips.

HR System staff include collaboration services for communication between the internal teams and external recruiters. Hence, HR software staff can always track what’s happening in the department.

The majority of the software solutions available for HR Software professionals are modular. Hence, businesses can decide which elements to integrate. This makes sure the solution is perfectly aligned with their business goals and it’ll also save costs. Thus, Companies only paying for what they use.


HRIS. HR Software Singapore. Hr Software. HR System. idataFive.

Types of HRIS HR System

When looking for an HR System to implement in your organisation. Hence, it’s important to consider the type of tool you need to help your HR System team on a day-to-day basis.

The main purpose of a Core HR system is to manage:

existing staff,

including keeping track of all your employees personal details

their training schedule

If you’re looking to find, hire, retain and train staff, a strategic HR system is apt. For example, if you need to appoint a lot of staff in a short space of time, you’ll want to consider a strategic system. Thus, it’ll cut the cost of finding right-fit candidates over time. It’s perfect for high volume recruitment businesses such as retail or hospitality.

A strategic HR Software system: consider an integrated HR System tool that combines the best of both worlds. It covers the entire employee lifecycle. From finding candidates to managing existing staff, making every single step of discovering new talent. Hence, managing the on-boarding process and ensuring the employee is always growing in their role a doddle.


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