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iDataFive ERP software Singapore Hotel Management System Hospitality industry never goes out of style. New hotels, cuisines, software, and almost every facility keeps evolving and emerging.


Thus, Singapore is the hub of many tourists; the hotel industry is always growing and thriving.



Hence, iDataFive ERP software Singapore Hotel Management System was utilising technology; you can execute tasks quickly and easily.


Thus, iDataFive ERP software Singapore Hotel Management System can be tailored just for you, to suit your hotel’s operations and culture.


Highly customizable and very futuristic, the best features have been blended with a perfect mix of HMS.


Thus, iDataFive ERP software Singapore Hotel Management System has several benefits for your business. has several advantages for your business.


Business growth and profit gain through automation


Thus, Hotel Management System allows hoteliers to save time and increase efficiency in their functions through features that are intelligent and receptive.


Therefore, Hotel Management System every division is connected for faster task delegation, monitoring, and create better lines of communication.


Thus, With iDataFive ERP software Singapore Hotel Management System the use of the detailed features for all hotel users.


So, Hotel Management System can track all tasks and update them instantly at this moment providing transparency for the management, and employees, and a better experience for guests.


Hotel Management System easy to use for every hotel staff


Hence, iDataFive ERP software Singapore Hotel Management System Hotel employees are always rushing against time.


Thus, There are tasks to attend to even before they serve the guests’ requests.


Thus, iDataFive Hotel Management System addresses this exact nature of the industry by designing an extremely user-friendly solution that is very easy to use.


Hence, Hotel Management System Staff can record details in no time, tack information in a glance, and close the loop with a click.


Profit through efficiency


Hence, iDataFive ERP software Singapore Hotel Management System increases your business efficiency by 100 percent.


Thus, Hotel Management System more efficient process will not only bring you returning customers but also many new guests.


iDataFive ERP software Singapore Hotel Management System includes all the essential features required and many advanced features that make your hotel’s operations efficient and straightforward.


Hence, Restaurant and menu management you can track and manage food orders, manage food stock and create alerts to replenish stocks when needed.

  • Control of food types
  • Management of foods
  • Management of procurement of food


Room and facilities management


So, This Hotel Management System module that is embedded will Help you manage the facilities in your hotel.

  • Management of room’s types
  • Control of rooms locations
  • Management of services type
  • Management of services


Recipes management l ERP System Singapore


Also,The recipe management module acts as an inventory management/ inventory control module, but for recipes.

  • Management, Production control
  • Production planning
  • The more efficient holding of a bill of materials.
  • Provisions and treatment of stock exception.
  • Integrated scheduler.


Room booking


Hence, A handy and extensive room booking module integrated within iDataFive.

  • Management of reservation, concierge service
  • Management of agreements with hotel’s guests, modes of payment, etc.


Housekeeping management l ERP System Singapore


Thus, This Hotel Management System module provides an impressive with the line of features that can help you manage your hotel’s housekeeping processes.

  • Management of housekeeping activities
  • Management of room housekeeping
  • Control of room inspection


Table and kitchen management l ERP System Singapore


Thus, This module skilfully manages the operations that take place in the kitchen and The tables.

  • Management of table reservation, kitchen order
  • Control of customer’s contract, Price list and conditions of payment.


Customer relationship management l ERP System Singapore


Thus, The CRM module allows you to manage your business process efficiency.

  • Sales management and purchase management
  • Help Desk functions
  • Control of customers events
  • Planning of tasks


Finance and accounting l ERP System Singapore


Hence, This module helps you manage your hotel’s finance and accounting processes since it is an integral part of the hotel business.

  • Management of general, analytic and auxiliary accounts.
  • Third-party management
  • Seized accountancy
  • Reconciliation
  • Reports


iDataFive ERP software Singapore Human resource management


Thus, The iDataFive ERP software Singapore human resources module is seamlessly integrated with the hotel management system and helps you manage your employee and manager details including their qualification, Performance, leave applications and hours of work.

  • Management of employees
  • Timetable/ timesheets and absence plan
  • Follow-up of services
  • Sign in/Sign out module


Purchase management l ERP System Singapore


Therefore, This iDataFive ERP software Singapore Purchase management module dexterously communicates with your suppliers for the required purchases.


Hence, This module acts as a procurement system and supplier management a system that tracks suppliers’ preferences

And requirements.

  • Management and follow-up of investments
  • Reordering by order point or by the stringent flow.
  • Control of suppliers contract, price list and conditions of payment and delivery.


Sales Distribution Management system l ERP System Singapore


Thus, You can manage your hotel’s catering sales, track critical information such contracts signed with customers,

Quotations and orders.

  • Management of opportunities, Quotations, orders and deliveries.
  • Control of customer’s agreement, conditions of payment and price list.
  • Follow-up of actions.
  • Orders and invoice
  • Products and price list


Therefore, iDataFive ERP software Singapore Project and services management


Thus, This Project and services management module steadily manages project scheduling, project tracking, task allocation, and user rights.


In Conclusion, It is a web-based a module that allows you to access and manage remotely.

  • Management of project and tasks
  • Service, industrial or development projects
  • Multi-level sub-projects, without any limitations of level
  • Support of template projects
  • Deactivation and activation of the entire projects

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