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ERP Software Singapore has gained critical importance in the modern business world. Today, we see a whole lot of companies, irrespective of size or turnover, interested in implementing ERP Software solutions to enhance the productivity and efficiency of their employees and the entire company.

From the onset, these ERP Software solutions were expensive and only multimillion multinational corporations and big business organizations had the financial capability of purchasing and implementing them. However, things have gone down a different road.


With the advancement in technology and today, businesses can find several industry-specific ERP Software available in the market.

Just like everywhere else in the world, there are two main types of these systems in Singapore – whole ERP System or ERP Software modules.




ERP System Singapore

Also referred to as Enterprise Resource Planning System, Enterprise System targets various industry verticals. Enterprise systems are built to just one particular standard.  All businesses who desire to opt for this enterprise system need to conform their business processes and work the way the ERP system wants them to. For any tweaking, the enterprise system needs extensive customization which is extremely expensive.


ERP Software Singapore

ERP Software can be defined as a business process management software which gives organizations the freedom and ease to manage all their work processes in a single automated, integrated system. It is an industry specific enterprise resource planning software.

In other words, ERP Software are customized ERP Systems that are built around client specific transactions. Businesses wanting to implement customized ERP software solutions need to approach a good ERP Software Company with their business requirements.

The ERP Software companies in Singapore conduct a research of different business functions of an organization, then develops an ERP system that suits business organization’s specific requirements.


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Difference between ERP and Other Simple Software

The major difference between ERP and other simple standalone software is that ERP is not multi-modular. ERP integrates the entire functioning of the organization to make it work as a unit. ERP software brings together all the facets of business by one single application with single data repository and allows communication and transfer of information from one module to another in real time.

It cuts down the need of manual interference in most of the repetitive tasks to bring down the cost of working and speed up the processes, eliminating chances of mistakes to a large extent.

Basically, the function of the ERP software is to facilitate the flow of information from one process to another within the boundaries of the organization and establish a close connection with other business partners like suppliers and customers.




Why Choose ERP Software Solution for Your Business?

Over time, advancement and new innovations in the IT field have sprung new ways for different organizations and businesses to do better and progress rapidly. The following are some of the reasons why you should consider choosing ERP Software Solution over other business software:


Easy Integration

Compare to other business software, ERP Software can be easily integrated into your existing system. The ERP software covers each and every one of your organizational functional areas such as accounts, human resources, sales and distribution, marketing, manufacturing among others.

Furthermore, the ERP Software is able to integrate all these functional areas together to work as a single unit, compared to a standalone business application which has limited capabilities.



Because of the high level of competition in the today’s business world, business organizations need to stay flexible. The ERP Software offers your organization the needed flexibility to stay ahead of your competitors.

The ERP software will improve coordination among the various business entities within your firm.



Effective Cost

Deploying a standalone business applications can be really expensive, especially for organizations having several entities that require separate applications to facilitate their operations. Since the software solution is able to integrate your respective business units together, all you need is a single solution.

ERP software is cost-effective. The software works in modules. Your organization will have the liberty to choose the specific module or modules that are most appropriate. And for future additions, the cost of bringing in more modules still are still cheaper than the high cost of a standalone system.


Enhanced Communication

ERP software are built to work together. The enhance communication within various areas of your organization and make them work together flawlessly. With the ERP, the functional entities within your organization can easily share information and communicate with each other.


What are the Basic Modules of ERP System?

These modules give the administrator of the organization the ability to view and manage Supply Chain, Human Resource, Payroll System, Finance & Accounts, Inventory and all other modules simultaneously.


Cloud ERP Software

When thinking about employing ERP for your business, you should be able to know that there are two categories; the Traditional (on-premise) ERP and the Cloud ERP. Traditional or On-premise ERP Solutions are basically installed on organizations’ hardware & servers and are ran, managed and controlled by the organization’s IT resource persons.

Cloud ERP, also known as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), is provided as a service. In Cloud ERP Solutions, the company’s ERP Software & all associated data are stored in the cloud by an ERP Vendor. This data and files will accessible only through a web-browser.




How Cloud ERP Software add greater value

The right Cloud Based ERP for Small Business will help your business easy to access and perform operations. The right cloud EPR system can do the following;

  • Provide fastest & real time reporting in a controlled environment.
  • Give Personalize dashboards features.
  • Improve workforce productivity with the efficient accessibility of features.
  • Lower ownership cost by eliminating upfront & ongoing IT expenditures.
  • Delivery of automatic products & their up gradation.
  • Effective Management of Project in a Collaborative Environment.
  • Customer Interaction Improved Level of Customer Satisfaction
  • Automated Business Processes Minimized Time Management Issues.


The Simplicity of Cloud ERP Software

SaaS software also helps in eradicating many barriers that keep organizations from establishing & elevating their Cloud ERP Software. Hence, for Small Business, more significantly it enables you to focus on core business operations instead of managing IT.



The Future of ERP

Every year, computer scientist give predictions about the ERP Software industry. Therefore, these predictions are sometimes right, and in other situations, wrong. There are some points about future predations of ERP System, let’s have a look.


More Effectuation of ERP System with the passage of time.

Higher Mobility irrespective of end user’s current locations, because of portability features of smart phones devices and internet connection. Therefore, in future ERP System will get more focused on business intelligence (BI) by a more graphical presentation of business processes and data for management perspective.



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