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iDataFive ERP system Singapore Data entry software refers to the process of transferring numbers and figures from printed pages or other sources into your computer system. ERP Software Singapore.


This can be a tedious, time-consuming task for your employees, and it is one that is particularly error-prone.


Here’s what we’ll cover to help you make this critical decision: ERP System Singapore


What Is Data Entry Software?

Standard Features of Data Entry Software

What Type of Buyer Are You?

Key Considerations



What Is Data Entry Software? l ERP System Singapore

iDataFive ERP system Data Entry Software the most commonly used system that could technically be classified as “data entry software”—Microsoft Excel.


In addition to allowing you to create charts, calculate data and build interactive dashboards, Excel’s user-friendly spreadsheets serve as a data entry solution for a wide variety of businesses.


However, using spreadsheets for your data entry is far from ideal.


The amount of time it takes to enter each bit of information by hand can make things incredibly tedious and can lead to a large number of errors.


Also, each spreadsheet is stored on one person’s computer, and can’t be accessed by multiple employees across the company.


In many ways, using spreadsheets to enter data is little better than keeping that information in a hard-bound notebook.


More advanced data entry software deals with the problems you’ll encounter with simple spreadsheets.


Tools within the software can automate some of the most tedious, error-prone tasks.


However, different data entry systems will speak to various methods of handling information and thus will automate those functions in different ways.


You’ll want to find a system that is right for your business processes, particularly in regards to your business type.


A significant amount of data entry software systems specifically address the needs of particular industries.


What Type of Buyer Are You? l idataFive

Some amount of data entry software as a part of its day-to-day operations.


As such, this means that there as many types of data entry software buyers as there are types of businesses.


However, regardless of your specific business field, you will likely have different needs based on the size of your business, thus falling into one of the following categories:


Small business (fewer than 20 employees). Small companies such as yours rely on employees with very functional roles.



Midsize business (20-100 employees). Larger companies deal with more massive amounts of data.


Key Considerations l ERP Software Singapore

Other factors to take into consideration when picking the best data entry software for your business may include:


Industry specialisation. As we’ve discussed several times in this Buyer’s Guide, data entry software systems are typically specialised for specific industries.


You will want to seek out a vendor that is geared toward your particular field so that you can purchase software that is specific to your needs.


If your company frequently finds this to be the case, you’ll want to be sure that you purchase data entry software that allows you to capture and enter data from smartphones or tablets quickly.


Cloud-based software versus on premise software l ERP Software Singapore



What this meant was that, after you purchased software, you had to have space and the IT resources and knowledge to accommodate the hardware for that system at your workplace.



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