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iDataFive ERP software Singapore Project management system is as critical as the project itself.


Hence, It’s mandatory for organisations to have the best Project Management software to manage projects until successful completion meticulously.


Thus, iDataFive ERP software Singapore is a Project Management system, better than the best, proven for its exceptional capabilities.


Also, Project Management system web-based and is designed uniquely for all construction companies, interior designers and architects.


Thus, iDataFive ERP software Singapore consists of the Project Finance, Customer Relationship Management software, Human Resource, and Account Management,  Management, Inventory Management, Purchase Management, Budgeting Management, Costing Management and Estimation, and Document Management for after-sales support.




Organized document management l ERP Software Singapore


Thus, Managing project data in excel is laborious and chaotic. Data gets missed as much as errors creep in.


Hence, iDataFive ERP software Singapore is a comprehensive project management tool that manages documents and data in an organised fashion.


Thus, A good reporting system generates customised and insightful reports for all the data you need.


Meticulous planning and scheduling


Hence, iDataFive ERP software Singapore is a Project Management system helps you with careful planning of tasks, assigning them to team members, setting priorities for every task completion, and deadlines for all assignments.


Thus, Project Management system also helps you in understanding the tasks delegated, work in progress, tasks completed and the new tasks in line.


Hence, The task deadline notification helps you keep a tab on the completion.


Thus, With Project Management system, your organisation can efficiently manage large and complex projects, thereby cutting cost and time.


Thus, Quick communication and transparent collaboration


Hence, Large project teams are different levels of interactions and collaboration.


Hence, Project Management system gives you easy and transparent access to work and communication, making the process simple and fast.


Manage resources and budget l ERP System 


iDataFive ERP software Singapore is a Project Management system is an efficient budget management tool. It also helps in manage in resources very well.


It tracks your expenses and provides quick and precise reporting on the budget performance too.


Online project management l ERP System Singapore


  • Project and Tasks functions
  • Follow-up of Projects
  • Management of Schedules
  • Task management


Human Resource Management


This iDataFive ERP software Singapore web-based module manages all the project teams’ and managers’ details including their qualifications, Tasks and performance.

  • Staff and Manager Management/ HR Management
  • Team or Employee Management
  • Online HR Leave System
  • Management of staff time-sheet
  • Staff HR Expenses management
  • Reports and analytics


Project purchase management


This iDataFive ERP software Singapore module enables you to reduce cost on Inventory purchase/stocks using bulk purchase.


This Project Management system module helps you simplify your purchase requisition process and ensure that purchasing policy is compiled.

  • Management and follow-up of purchases
  • Reordering by order point
  • Management of suppliers’ contract, price list and conditions of payment and delivery.
  • Orders and inventory
  • Reports and analytics


Finance and accounting management l ERP System Singapore


This module helps you manage your hotel’s finance and accounting processes, since it the integral part of the hotel business.

  • Management of general, analytic and auxiliary accounts.
  • Third-party management
  • Seized accountancy
  • Reconciliation
  • Reports


Project inventory management l ERP System Singapore


Thus, iDataFive ERP software Singapore offers Inventory management module that helps you keep track of all your inventory and assets.


Hence, It supports the barcode and RFID tracking and manages the inventory and stock levels in each site.

  • Inventory and Asset Management
  • Scheduler
  • Traceability/Barcoding


Also, Customer relationship management l ERP System Singapore


Thus, You can manage the entire communication and processes for projects using this module.

  • Help Desk functions
  • Management of customer’s events
  • Planning of tasks
  • Follow-up of commercial acts


Online web-portal l ERP System Singapore


Hence, This iDataFive ERP software Singapore, module is a fully-integrated platform for web content management.

  • Easy, web-based administration
  • Flexible layout control
  • Advanced and separate system administration system

•     WYSIWYG content editor support

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