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iDataFive SMS software Singapore and email operations are extremely economic communication methods when compared with other tools available today.

At the same time, it brings you incredible results mainly because the device supports two-way communication and higher possibility of creating leads coupled with superior track ability.

In addition, With iDataFive SMS software Singapore, Bulk email and SMS module, now you can enjoy executing bulk emailing and SMS operations. Hence, from email marketing and SMS campaigns to SMS alert to request management without any stress.

Moreover, the module enables your business to deliver value-added solutions at average costs and automatic relay of information necessary for future operations.

Also, Interaction with the customers is doubtfully hiked up with iDataFive SMS software Singapore Bulk Email and SMS module.

More importantly, this is a budgetary marketing communication module in which you can evaluate the expense versus income generated from the email/SMS.

With constant system updates and improved versions, iDataFive SMS software Singapore offers your business a very supportive aftersales service.

This software module is one of the best Bulk Emailing and SMS Software solution in the market which can boost your marketing communication and internal organisational information dissemination process.

iDataFive SMS software Singapore bulk SMS and email module is a communication software that ensures the reach of the message to the targeted individual through SMS and emails.

It is one of the low-cost solutions for any business.

Improve effectiveness of campaigns with on-time automatic email alerts With iDataFive SMS software Singapore Bulk Email and SMS software.

You can only set automated email alerts to keep yourself updated on upcoming events and to-dos and keep posted your customers and other external parties as well.

Thus, The software oversees a range of tasks like integrated marketing communications, notifications & alerts, task reminders and much more.

Therefore, these signals are beneficial for your business to work on time.

Topmost reliability in Email and SMS delivery

Hence, The software ensures the delivery of the message/ alerts to the targeted audience with delivery reports and tracking tools.

The reliability of SMS and emails are guaranteed.

Hence, The software itself can send automatic reminders and notifications on responses and feedback from customers, suppliers and other recipients.

Trouble-free for end users

The software is a cross-channel marketing automation facility that allows your business to manage in both Email Marketing and Bulk SMS marketing campaigns efficiently and facilitates inter-organisational communication flow as well.

All that the recipient has to do is to send a short response which will be immediately forwarded to the responsible parties of the organisation causing the minimum hassle to the end users.

Cost-effective l ERP Software Singapore

iDataFive SMS software Singapore Bulk Email and SMS module are one of the more profitable software solutions of its kind in the market.

Therefore, Apart from the initial installation and inauguration costs, all that you have to incur is the campaign based values in which you will have to pay per SMS or Email.

iDataFive SMS software Singapore Bulk Email and SMS software is not just another ordinary messaging software because it comes with a package of features which is more than sending emails and SMS.

All these features are individually crafted for an exclusive bulk SMS and email marketing campaign experience.

Request Management

The software has a central portal which is functioning to track customer responses, helpdesk messages, requests and internal tasks.

Hence, all the activities are scheduled and listed accordingly promoting an uninterrupted communication flow.

Thus, You can correspond with leads generated through your website/blog with iDataFive SMS software Singapore Bulk emails and convert them into lucrative deals.

Also, Punctuality of the business tasks and duties will be with iDataFive SMS software Singapore Bulk Email and SMS software with its constant reminders and notifications.

Hence, With this module, your staff will no longer miss out important Deals with suppliers and key customer accounts as everything is correctly scheduled and tracked with this module of the software.

  • Autoresponders
  • Behaviour-driven rules
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe
  • Click-through tracking
  • Image library
  • Multivariate testing
  • Contact database
  • Helpdesk management

Advanced emailing management l ERP Software Singapore

Hence, this feature is designed for active email and online marketing campaign management purposes.

Also, By enabling you to send individually targeted emails, this functionality of the software will make sure that your message reached the desired audience.

Thus, The feature offers marketing automation, responsive email designing, ready-to-use email templates and a set of useful statistical analytics.


Also, Powerful software is targeting customers on pre-collected data about customer behaviour and preferences.

  • Bounce Tracking
  • CAN-SPAM compliance
  • Drip campaigns
  • Template management
  • Spam check
  • Survey management
  • Newsletter management
  • Mailing list administration
  • Event-triggered emails
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Unsubscribe options

Bulk SMS l ERP Software Singapore

Therefore, The software helps you target the right audience and send the messages on peak hours for more useful results.

  • Contact management
  • Keywords
  • Coupons
  • Mass messaging
  • MMS
  • Scheduling
  • Polls/Voting
  • Short codes
  • Text to win
  • Analytics
  • Subscriber management

Advanced Reporting Management l ERP Software Singapore 

Also, This module of iDataFive SMS Software Singapore encompasses a dedicated advanced reporting tool as well to bring your business secure email and SMS reporting process which saves time.

Hence, You can create the reports through Open Office connector with the module.

Also, adaptable to other spreadsheets software like MS Excel.

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