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Also, iDataFive ERP software Singapore Sales Force Management is increasing the sales volume. Hence, is the company’s trigger for growth, minimising the sales cycle duration.

Hence, Accelerating the productivity of the sales force management and strengthening the bottom-lines must be on your priority list.

ERP software Singapore offers its ultimate sales force management package to remove the loopholes of your sales process.

idataFive l ERP Software Singapore l SalesForce


Thus, This module acts as a central repository connecting all the activities of the sales process to a centralised network.

So, Power your salesforce with iDatFive Sales Force Management software and come across the hike in sales and productivity of your sales.


Also, How ERP software Singapore works as an efficient module on your sales force management the software is furnishing your organisation with a profusion and benefits.

Scale up efficiency

Also, Despite collecting sales figures manually from a couple of sources, with the automation of this software, sales

Therefore, Managers will be able to access sales statistics from a centralised database.

Thus, Sales activities of your sales force members can be tracked and guided towards their targets quickly.

Salesforce CRM for better customer service

Thus, All the details of customers are stored compactly; everything will be visible through a centralised hub.

Hence, The sales force will find it hassle-free to analyse customer engagement. Thus, with the business, the status of prospective sales, historical sales timeline and more.

Also, The strength with enough resources and information to provide an outstanding customer service.

Additionally, With dynamic leads mapping, you’re the sales team can meet the needs of the potential customers impressively.

Salesforce integration with other functions

Hence, Your sales force integration optimises your business’s to order process.

Thus, Through sales force integration, can be built up and develop dashboards with correct information irrespective of the point Of source.

Therefore, The software will improve the collaboration with the other organisational units by several times.

High Flexibility

Thus, The obvious fact is that any business in the market is sales-oriented.

Also, For any industry, managing of their sales the process is a crucial factor for the growth of the organisation.

In addition, iDataFive ERP software Singapore Sales Force Management provides customizable modules to help you optimise your sales management according to your industry demographics.

Primary Functionalities

Also, Following are some of the functionalities this module of the iDataFive ERP software Singapore Sales Force Management. Hence, system comprised of to deliver you an end-to-end solution.

Sales Force Tracking

By tracking the activities of the sales personnel, their productivity can be levelled.

  • Management of leads
  • Electronic quotation generate
  • Tracking orders and deliveries
  • Tracking follow-up of commercial activities
  • Customer’s contract management

Automated Sales Quotations/Sales Orders

Henceforth, The major documentation part in the sales the process will be upgraded from paper stacks to digital screens by automating sales quotes and order preparation, saving your Business’s valuable time.

  • Management of sales delivery addresses, Invoice, and order.
  • Diverse distribution logistics.
  • Incoterms administration
  • Prompt delivery
  • Templates and rapid copies of order And sales quotations.
  • Customer’s preference concerns

Targeted Lead Management

Thus, Points created through campaigns and promotions can be converted into profitable accounts only by effective lead management which is possible with iDatFive Sales Force Management software.

  • Organized follow-up and scheduling
  • The regular administration of the sales pipeline
  • History viewing and traceability features
  • Lead nurturing and scoring
  • Prospecting tools


On-time delivery of products is one of the top expectations of the customers.

Therefore, This need can be met exceptionally with iDatFive Sales Force Management delivery management tool.

  • Dispatch administration
  • Job assignment management
  • Order entry
  • Label printing
  • Routing and scheduling

Pricing Solutions

Hence, This module encompasses with a full a suite price management tool, providing an enormous support to price management


Very useful as the price is the predominant factor that decides your profits and demand.

  • Advance channel analysis
  • Forecasts
  •    Competitor and market price analysis
  • Management of price lists
  • Pricing analytics
  • Scenario planning
  • Management of product packaging

Tracking Sales Process

Hence, With this sales process tracking feature, businesses can conceptualise the sales process and make sure that none of the relevant Leads and activities.

  • Channel management
  • Field sales management
  • Referral tracking
  • Territory management
  • Performance metrics

Sales Order Lines

Thus, sales managers can enhance the efficiency of sales order lines in a stroke which permits them to proactively work on cold leads choked in the pipeline and convert them into a Bunch of profitable sales.

  • Self-activating of delivery delays, stocks, and prices
  • Swift seizure ‘without the physical Product
  • Configurable product mixes
  • Management of dual Units of measure to the order.
  • Group/category sales management

Invoicing Software Module

Therefore, The higher the volume of sales, the higher the number of bills.

Thus, Invoicing module of iDataFive ERP software Singapore Sales Force Management offers an invoice generation wizard for real-time automatic invoicing.

  • Customizable invoices
  • Hourly billing
  • Invoice history
  • Multicurrency conversion
  • Online invoicing
  • Online payments
  • Recurring billing

Sales Pipeline and Invoicing Control

Hence, iDataFive ERP software Singapore Sales Force Management empowers businesses. Thus, With sales pipeline and invoice control solutions which are a featured function of its sales force management module.

  • Complete historical records of sales
  • Administration of invoicing
  • Fully-automated delivery process
  • Electronic scheduling tools
  •    Activity tracking

Collective functions

Therefore, The distinctiveness of iDataFive ERP software Singapore Sales Force Management multi-functioning nature that brings your choice economic yet advantageous.

  • Multi-sales points management and track ability
  • Multi-warehouses management
  • Amenable with many languages
  • Multi-delivery options
  • Diverse price list options

Inventory Sales Management

Hence, This module offers ERP software Singapore inventory management solutions which are the roots in the sales a process. Thus, availability of stocks on time Matters a great deal.

  • Managing varied product lines
  • Multiple configuration options

Sales Integration l idataFive

In Conclusion, This module of the iDataFive ERP software Singapore Sales Force Management system is fully adaptable. Thus, can be integrated with other systems and applications of the entity.

  • E-commerce platforms
  • EDI module for online orders
  • Thus, Invoicing and delivering process
  • Sales ledger and other related journals
  • Inventory control systems
  • Follow-up mechanisms
  • Work schedule integration

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