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iDataFive ERP system Singapore is an outright web-based software solution with a countless number Of benefits for any business organisation.

In a volatile business environment, it is exceptionally strenuous to implement and sustain a personalised software solution that will serve all the requirements of the company.

iDataFive ERP system Singapore integrates all functional departments and units across a business organisation, into a unified system, contributing to making smarter business decisions, providing a quality customer service and functioning more efficiently by automating business processors and workflows.

With iDataFive ERP system Singapore you can accelerate your business performance by deploying an efficient planning and controlling systems that synchronise all the activities of the organisation through a common platform.

Your business will enjoy the benefits of synergy with iDataFive ERP Software Singapore it automates the entire industry with 100% integration among all the functions of the company.

ADVANTAGES l ERP Software Singapore

User friendliness

iDataFive ERP system Singapore is developed cohering to international standards of usability. Thus, this is an easy-to-use interactive software package.

It is comprised of efficacious features such as primary and extended searching options, quick creation of forms, and multiple

Views on records (list, structure, and graphs), actions, links and reports shortcuts, and tools to simplify the encoding process.

A complete solution l ERP System Singapore

iDataFive ERP system Singapore is an extensive software solution of its kind that offers a plethora of utilitarian functions.

To a name few; dynamic graphs and dashboards, shortcuts per-user, single/multiple selections, database management tools, and personalise views.

Ultimate flexibility

iDataFive ERP system Singapore is a versatile software package that can be customizable and easy to develop new views of widgets.

As a web-based software, ERP system Singapore is capable of functioning in most of the browsers.

Thus, iDataFive ERP system Singapore uses Python language, syntax which allows programmers to express concepts in fewer lines of code.

Moreover, ERP system Singapore creates files in PDF mode for the convenience of users.

Thus, ERP system Singapore can streamline the organisational operations and play a vital role as the backbone of the vibrant performance of your business.

Hence, It is designed with futuristic technological facilities to boost up the performance of your business.

Useful ergonomics

Thus, This software package always uses Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) to communicate with web servers.

Therefore, ERP system Singapore is bilingual and can be converted into many languages around the world.

Thus, The installation process of ERP Software Singapore is also simple. With such helpful features, your business can experience a superior organisational performance.


Hence, As an all-inclusive software solution, ERP Software Singapore is powered with a myriad of distinctive features required for the efficient functioning of business organisations.

Caching system for fast rendering

Hence, ERP system Singapore has a smart caching system which enables quick rendering of data.

Thus, the system itself is a high-speed software module and efficient in performance.

  • Temporary cache stearate of data for faster performance Sales Quotes

Multiple database support

Therefore, This Web-based ERP system Singapore provides multiple database support for its users, and this reduces downtime and fixes database bugs which are a threat to the sound functioning of the database.

Thus, With multiple database support methods, ERP system Singapore facilitates a better user experience.

  • Various database management
  • Database bug management

Everything is customizable through configuration.

ThereforeThe need of an ERP system is arising, irrespective of the scale or type of the business.

Thus, ERP system Singapore offers a highly customizable ERP module that caters the unique needs of your company.

Also, You can get iDataFive personalised according to the nature of your company’s operations.

Thus, Through configuration,

Hence, Your business can have its ERP Software Singapore.

  • Adaptability for most-used browsers
  • Customizable template
  • Comfortable new views of widgets creation

Substantial customer and supplier portal

Thus, ERP Software Singapore is available with an active customer and supplier portal.

Hence, With this feature, your business is opened up for direct engagement with clients and suppliers connecting them through the entrance to get the services of the company.

  • Instant communication
  • Direct messaging
  • Real-time communication updates

Developed to be integrated with your enterprise portal

Thus, ERP Software Singapore software: integrated with isting enterprise portal of your business.

Hence, Enables confluence among all the organisational functions, creating an entirely interconnected corporate network.

  • Seamless integration with other software packages

Resources security

Thus, Your organisation can have straight away link with any resources security with ERP Software Singapore.

Therefore, With its top security features, your centralised database is protected against data loss and theft.

  • Resources access management
  • Resources access history tracking

Communication with the Server through XML-RPC

Thus, ERP Software Singapore uses Extensible Mark-up Language (XML)-Remote Procedure Call Protocol (RPC) to encode its codes and transport data. XML-RPC is efficient than using plain XML, as it enjoys more significant support from libraries that use meta-programming features of the language to map XML -RPC calls to language level function calls.

  • XML-RPC encoding

Support for HTTPS best web technologies

Therefore, This original ETP software supports for HTTPS web technologies. All such technologically advanced features of ERP system Singapore makes the system extensive and far-reaching. Traceability

Use of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX)

As ERP Software Singapore consists of a full suite of AJAX capabilities, you can quickly load new content without leaving the page.

With AJAX, when you hit submit, JavaScript will send a request to the respective server, interpret the results and update the existing screen.

Thus, Merely the users do not even recognise that

  • Seamless server updates

MVC architecture standard compliance

  • Optimized performance & Support Seamless server updates

Use of TurboGears framework

So, Since this Python web application framework consists of numerous WSGI components such as Webb, SQLAlchemy, Genshi and Repose, iDataFive ERP system Singapore is highly supportive to web-based application functions.

  • Effective integration with other web-based applications

Web services integration portal l idatafive

ERP Software Singapore designed with different web service integration portals.


In Conclusion, Through these web-based portals, the system users can access the system directly through the internet which is another utility feature of iDataFive ERP system Singapore.

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