How to choose the Best ERP System for your Business

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ERP Software Singapore. ERP System. ERP Software. Project Management software

What is ERP System?

(ERP Software Singapore) is Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP System, is unified system that complies all the data of a business or company used to be written and filed manually. Looking for certain information required a long time. This was replaced with keying in data into the computer under multiple files.


ERP Software Singapore. ERP System. ERP Software

The number of folders that must have been created to store data on large companies.
Everything concerned to the company is now tied under one system. All it takes is a database that integrates and organizes all the information on the company.


idata Five ERP Software Singapore

: the most trusted professional providers of an ERP system in Singapore.

We also provide System architectural framework. For each company and business are vastly different from one another. What might work for one company might not work for another. Hence, we provide customized effective solutions according to the needs of each company for an ERP System in Singapore.
Besides these, we also focus on ERP System customization. In general, ERP system in Singapore can work for all the industries.



The ERP Software idataFive Singapore system is a collection of more complex solutions of software that has the capacity to manage more than one components of your company business. So, many companies choose an ERP system for their business at some time but choosing one is not an easy process and use, especially for new employees just joint your company.

There are some criteria’s such as functional, specific or mix of these both, which helps to make this job of selecting one as easier. Aside from these, and your company can also pick one of the best based on your budget. This article helps you to evaluate the best ERP Software Singapore system with the help of these points along with some other necessary considerations when paying for thisERP Software Singapore system.


ERP Software Singapore. ERP System. ERP Software

Choosing based on functionality:

First and foremost care that you need to take while choosing ERP system is; functions easy to use for your organization because the chosen one should have all the necessary functions a company needs. For example, if your organization does inventory management, sales services, tracking customer’s report, accounting, HR, Employee evaluation, Appraisals, Surveys, Project Management, Website builder, Customer Resource Management, Manage hiring process, Expense management, Fleet management, Warehouse management, Manage suppliers & purchase orders, Helpdesk, Group and private chat, integrated with all modules, Groups and public mailing lists and more; the ERP system idatafive must include all these modules as well as work well on these functionalities.


Brief Overview

A few functions of ERP software is very important for some companies, but not for many companies. This is because the entire package of ERP software idatafive system contains huge modules and you need to pay some money for each module. With increase in number of modules, the ERP system becomes an expensive software package. Hence, many companies are not willing to pay for unwanted modules and look for only necessary functions before paying for it. Therefore, you must search for important functions at first and then pay for this system.



Functions & features like automatically emailing customers on invoices, creating sales order where inventory will automatically be allocated. Tracking stock and monitor receivables with automatic notifications, etc. All these are functions that good ERP system usually have. But in the current Singapore market context, many other ERP systems are out-of-the-box and standardised.



Choosing based on the budget:

When it comes to the expensive purchase for your company, budget is the most important to all company consideration. However, buying a cheap software may takes a longer running time and may not perform the job effectively. In such circumstances, it is not advisable to buy an expensive ERP system. Instead of wasting your money, it is the best to go with your budget-friendly option.
If this is the first time you are looking for an ERP system, then you may search for a consultant to get some ideas. Thus, iData is the best ERP software vendor and also offers consultancy for choosing the best ERP software system.


1) Plan in advance:

The first step towards a successful project is to plan in advance. This is the most important aspect of any project. When you are doing this, it can be wise to set up checkpoints throughout the project to enable you to keep track of how the project is going. If the project indeed steered off course you will still be able to incorporate changes and move forward to realigning the project. These regular tracking of project progress is compulsory to stay updated with the project and its timeline.


2) Communication:

It also facilitates and updates team members to be on the same page for better efficiency in project management. Communication will also allow all the team members to be notified of recurring problems and will be able to create a better project plan to minimize the possibility of recurring problems.

3) The right team:

A project is incomplete without the right team. It is necessary that you have team members who have the right expertise and talent for the job at hand. It is only then will the project run smoothly with as little mishaps as possible. Even when issues were to arise, the team will be able to solve the problem in the most efficient manner that will not cause a huge delay to the timeline of the project.

4) Using ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning):

Managing a project often carries a huge amount of paperwork and human resource management both internally and externally. Utilizing an ERP system will allow a Project manager to take the paperwork online, making data tracking seamless and efficient for better project management. For projects that require human resource management, an ERP system will be able to allow easier planning and execution of the work schedule for better accuracy with no mistakes. All these dates will be captured and can be monitored to ensure progress of the project goes according to plan.

5) Review

Finally, reviewing your work helps you work better on the project. This is required since you need to assess the work done by you and your team.

The regular review can also help point out the positives and negatives of members. Not only does this help your current project, but this also helps you plan better with more flexibility for the next one.
Contact us now to know more about how ERP System can help enhance your overall business more productivity.

Report Generation & real time information:

ERP software solutions can help all types of business organizations to excel in their respective fields. They provide real-time data to the management and help to identify the shortfalls if any. All the activities of business organization from enquiry to after-sales support can be digitized and monitored closely by the board. An efficient ERP System solutions will provide ample monitoring, auditing, data security and reporting to the organization which can help them progress. All types of businesses can adopt ERP Software solutions for their organization.
From manufacturers to retail chains and farms to builders, the right ERP Software Singapore solution for their industry can help them achieve commendable improvement in their operations as well as income.

From small to large businesses, organization everyone can benefit from ERP Software Singapore solutions, since it simplifies many processes like budgeting, planning, work allocation, accounting etc. Many retail organizations find Inventory management as the most difficult process.


Inventory Management System

Integrated with the purchase, supply chain and sales modules to update stock availability in the system.

Similarly, POS software’s used for retail and wholesale industry, gives access to the real-time sales data the marketing manager and the management at any time to access the real-time sales data which is beneficial for management. If the organization has multiple POS, the consolidated data can be accessed and analysed by the management at any given time.

This will help them in improvising their marketing plans. The management can also use this data to check the decrease in Sales because of shortfalls in Supply or Inventory management. Considering wholesale industry, warehouse management system is very helpful in maintaining the stock of various clients. Since the warehouse system stores the rack and bin details of the stock they maintain, it becomes easy to retrieve a particular rack even in a huge warehouse.


Cause of Failure

Lacking in features will cause the ERP system rollout to fail. Of course the most ideal is that the ERP Software Singapore have both functions and user friendly interface.

Ensure that the ERP Software Singapore system vendor can show mock up demo based on your actual sample data
Such exercise no doubt will spend more time on your users’ side but the effort spend will help to ensure minimum expectation gap during the ERP Software Singapore implementation which will be far cheaper than a failed software investment.



Avoid reliance on people whom have no actual knowledge on your business workflow and challenges
Some SME company assume they have no in-house expertise to assess an ERP software. However very often freelancers has no or limited knowledge in your company actual SOP. Therefore, their assessment may even be less accurate than your internal department staffs.



Every company definitely has a limited software budget to work with. However, gauging a budget as the 1st round shortlisting may not be ideal (unless upright the budget is very far off from your original intention say your budget is $50,000 but the other software cost you $150,000 for example).


Example Case Study

For discussion purpose, let say your budget is $50,000 with vendor A quoting you $80,000 while another vendor B quoted you $50,000.

But does that really mean the $50,000 software definitely can handle all features you need while the $80,000 vendor is “over-quoting” you? Careful detailed requirements assessment may give you a surprised as who knows after in-depth assessment, the $50,000 vendor B could end up quoting you $150,000 while the $80,000 vendor


A may have more features and less customization and end up quoting lesser? Hence, the best situation is to find the most comprehensive software with lowest budget possible.
Getting these numbers to be accurate and sync across all division is essential to make the report accurate.

Rather than having multiple software with data a central database; ERP Software Singapore to store all transaction information will be more efficient.

Automating Administrative tasks:

Doing quotation and invoices on paper, or just on an excel sheet or Microsoft words.
ERP System thrives on automation. Setting up an invoice can  automated by making main excel sheet off automatically.

Hence, when doing a quotation you will see the all relevant information tied to that products. Saving you the time to manually look for it.
All your business operations will have multiple gaps that require time needed to fulfil a task. This are the part of where ERP Software Singapore streamlines your operation to improve your company business productivity.

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