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idatafive. ERP Software Singapore. Construction Management. ERP System Singapore. iDataFive.


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Are you looking for a reliable ERP system Singapore fleet management solution an experienced provider? One of the largest expenses your business will see is your company’s fleet. Sourcing, maintaining, acquiring, and managing your fleet management is a costly and crucial aspect of your business.

What Is ERP system Singapore Fleet Management?

Fleet management is simply the management process of a company’s fleet. While the term ‘fleet’ usually refers to ships, it can also be associated with aircraft, vehicles such as company cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks, etc.


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Benefits of ERP Software Singapore fleet management are the varieties of fleets management can manage and the responsibility for transport process. These can include driver management, vehicle maintenance, vehicle financing, vehicle telematics and fuel management.


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iDataFive ERP system Singapore Fleet management provides services that focus on improving efficiency, reducing vehicle investment costs, increasing productivity, and risk of theft, changing driver behaviour and reducing transportation costs. If your company has a large fleet of vehicles seeks for a way to manage it efficiently, fleet management is something to consider.


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This ERP system Singapore fleet management will give you an idea about:

  • How you can use fleet management software for your company
  • What a fleet management system is
  • Advantages of a fleet management system
  • What types of fleet solutions exist?
  • What is the cost of investing in an ERP Software Singapore fleet management system Functionalities of Fleet Management Software?

When installed iDataFive ERP Software Singapore Fleet management in a tracking device the software operate with data about fleet’s location. Depending on the data transmission functionalities, on real-time data for the site allows active monitoring.


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Route Management

In addition to location tracking, most fleet management has the feature to plan routes in real time. This is possible through GPS trackers in the monitored fleet management.

Besides planning of routes and travel times, some programs provide real-time traffic updates. This information is used by drivers for unexpected traffic conditions such as unsuitable for large vehicles and to redirect them when needed.

Efficient route management will increase driver’s safety, will save fuel costs and optimise drivers schedule, Will customer quality service through accurate on-time deliveries.


Fuel Management

Fuel prices are the most expensive operational expense for the company. Controlling the fuel consumption can save money and increase productivity.

Through the following advantages of fleet management system:

  • Monitor fuel information, fuel loss and use, refuelling locations and much more
  • Monitor and report fuel expense by vehicle
  • Plan refuelling locations

Fuel management is exceptionally profitable for large fleets and long distance drivers where fuel costs add up.

Driver Management

Hence, Driving behaviour has an enormous impact on vehicle Fleet management about fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, and road safety. Implementing operator policies will help your company cut fuel expenses and reduce accidents. By collecting data about driver’s performance such as timing, speed, routes, pauses, and hard breaking.

Thus, When deciding on iDataFive ERP Software Singapore fleet management software solution, it’s important to consider the overall direction of the fleet management industry. Therefore, The fact of the matter is that, as the fleet manager, you’re not going to be in that position forever and someone will eventually need to take the reins and continue the work you’ve done to this point.

Hence, The benefits of adopting a software based fleet management solution are far further reaching than just the immediate impact of that decision. Today’s up, and coming managers are far more data-dependent than prior generations, and their ability to analyse, parse, and work with data is vastly different from where you might have been at that stage in your career.


In Conclusion, Consider what skills might be necessary to carry your fleet forward and use that as the forward-thinking motivation.






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