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Hence, iDataFive CRM Software Singapore is all about building lasting relationships with clients which are a step ahead of conventional marketing and sales activities.

Thus, Provides your business with an extensive understanding of customers’ existing needs as well as future needs that open up the path to offer them what exactly they want from the firm.

Therefore, That is why iDataFive has outlined its premier CRM Software Singapore module which can be accompanied with any ERP system Singapore.

Therefore, With iDataFive CRM Software Singapore, your relationships with customers will start to flourish.

Thus, You will be able to water them every day to bloom them further by fulfilling needs identified through the iDataFive CRM software module.

Hence, Allowing your business to achieve a better CRM management, the iDataFive software enables you to build your brand extensively as CRM software is one of the brand building boxes which is often recommended by top marketers.

Also, With iDataFiveCRM Software Singapore module, an exceptional customer service can be easily attained so you can reinforce your brand as a top of the mind recall.


So, Allowing your enterprise have more control over your customer relationship management process, this CRM Software Singapore module offers you a range of benefits.

Increase productivity with simple automation of sales force

Also, Salesforce automation is an integral part of iDataFive CRM software because the productivity of sales personnel can be doubled by automating the sales force.

Hence, With this, your sales force can allocate their time on value creation while engaging more with customers.

So, When you implement iDataFive CRM software module, you will be able to cut down much of dull routine of behind-the-scenes work, releasing salespeople to get involved more in selling your company’s offerings more passionately.

Enhanced performance

Hence, As iDataFive CRM software is an all-in-one CRM software module, all the necessary information will be stored and monitored in a single unified company portal.

Also, Allows you to scan the overall progress and current status of the organisation’s performance with one click.

Hence, Since the CRM software can be integrated with existing ERP software Singapore modules, the contribution of all organisational departments can be approached hassle-freely in creating value additions to customers.

Super flexible and easy-to-use nature

So, Your staff members can quickly learn to use iDataFive CRM software suite as it is straightforward and user-friendly which saves the time you have to spend on customised training programs to train your employees.

Also, Time of the employees will be stored in a great deal as the major part of the workload can be hand over to iDataFive CRM software, creating more time to engage in other essential business functions.

Hence, even the staff members will find this interesting and get motivated to use it.

Easy CRM Software-ERP software Singapore Integration

Hence, You do not have to alter your existing ERP system Singapore once implementing Easy CRM-ERP Integration.

So, You do not have to develop your current ERP system Singapore once implementing iDataFive CRM software, because this module is compatible with any software system.

Natural CRM-ERP Integration

Hence, there is no additional cost or burden in executing this super supportive CRM software module.

iDataFive CRM software, because this module is compatible With any software system.

iDataFive CRM software is an all-inclusive CRM software package in the market which has tiptop features to power your CRM software functions and fuel the relationships with customers.

CRM software operations

iDataFive CRM software module comes with all the basic CRM software functionalities to automate your company’s CRM process.

  • Sales and purchase management.
  • Helpdesk functions.
  • Management of customer events
  • Planning of tasks.
  • Follow-up of commercial activities.
  • Managing follow-up and allot requests
  • Issues categorization
  • Working hours/roster controlling
  • Partners chart and detailed call history

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CRM Singapore strategy application this feature enables you to segment your target audience and existing customers into

Hence, Several clusters and target the most profitable customer segments.

  • Decision support options
  • Customer relationship identification
  • Customer intelligence

So, iDataFive Bulk SMS and Emailing tools comprise a majority SMS and Emailing tool which is a contemporary option for CRM systems.

  • Bulk email management
  • Automatic SMS Sender
  • Supporting to mobile devices

CRM Strategy application

Thus, This feature enables you to segment your target audience and existing customers into several clusters and target the most profitable Customer segments.

  • Decision support options
  • Customer relationship identification
  • Customer intelligence

CRM software event management l ERP Software Singapore

  • Easy event parameterisation
  • Event filtering and searching tools
  • Subscription management
  • Generation of audit trails

Multi-functions l ERP Software Singapore

Thus, it comes with multi-functioning.

  • Multi-companies, groups and users
  • Multi-lingual options
  • Multiple communication flows management

Also, CRM software is, its sophisticated report generation tool that speeds up your decision-making process and feasibility of decisions.

  • Detailed sales history records
  • Invoicing management
  • Automated delivery process
  • Web-based scheduling tools
  • Useful activity tracking tools

CRM software contacts manager database l ERP Software Singapore

Thus, iDataFive CRM software contributes in administering your customer communications efficiently and strengthening the relationships.

  • Customer/supplier contract management tools
  • Price list management/ Update
  • Unified supervision of all contacts
  • Address book options
  • Intricate relation module between organisational partners
  • Protected against data loss and theft

Easy to use toolkits

Hence, To simple CRM software related workflow, iDataFive CRM Software Singapore consists of a user-friendly set of tools to save your time and scale up efficiency.

  • Quick zoom in /zoom out
  • Easy navigating functions
  • Auto-completion of web fields.
  • Partner’s preference management through an integrated platform
  • Post Office Protocol
  • Supporting to Outlook
  • Import/export of files/reports through MS Excel of nomadic scripts.
  • Estimate in PDF or Word (MS or OpenOffice) for easy altering
  • Complete support for other software modules: HR, management of projects and tasks, sales and purchases.

CRM report generation l ERP Software Singapore

In Conclusion, A featured function of iDataFive CRM software is, it’s sophisticated report generation tool that speeds up your decision-making process and feasibility of decisions.

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