Why do Singapore SMEs need ERP Accounting Software?

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With 49% of SME’s set to increase spending on cloud services this year. Seven reasons why the company should consider moving toward accounting practices to the cloud.

ERP System Software. ERP in Singapore. ERP Software Singapore. ERP Solutions. Accounting Software Singapore. Accounting Singapore.

Security l ERP Software Singapore

Accessing data in the cloud is safer and faster way than accessing your data on your company premises.

Cloud service providers are in the strictest physical and digital security processes.


Accounting Software Singapore l ERP Software SingaporeFlexibility l ERP System Software


One of the biggest benefits of the cloud is the flexibility and can access anywhere it brings.

An ideal for businesses that are constantly on the go.

Cost savings

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Moving to the cloud can bring you cost savings as you don’t need to pay hefty fees upfront for accounting software.

You don’t need to experience lengthy downtime or the inconvenience of running them yourself.

Plus you no longer need your in-house servers which could save you in thousands monthly.

Routine backups l ERP System Software

Backups are done routinely as a matter of course, to reduce your risk of data loss system failures, and human errors.

Real-time Cloud-based information l ERP in Singapore

Run your company business more efficiency; it is important to have accurate accounting software information at your fingertips.


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Cloud technology will give you real-time information at the click of a button, accounting software can make smarter your business decisions, even when you’re away from your desktop.


Keep up with the market competition on accounting software

The market is changing at a breakneck pace and if you don’t move with the times, then your competitors will. Can you afford not to adopt cloud-based accounting software?


Free up your hard-drive l ERP in Singapore

Freeing up space on your office systems for everything else you need to run your company business.

These Accounting Software Singapore advantages are some of the many reasons why 49% of SME’s are looking to increase spending on cloud-based accounting software this year.

If your business is looking to increase productivity, efficiency and flexibility than a move to cloud-based software could be the right choice when you need.


Why not get in touch with our iDataFive friendly team to learn more about what Business Cloud offer your business.

Thus, Accounting software package handles only individual business functions of accounts whereas ERP in Singapore package handles the entire range of operations duties of an organisation.


ERP Software Singapore

It organises and integrates operation processes, and information flows to make optimum use of resources such as men, material, money and machine.

Also, ERP in Singapore is a tightly integrated closed-loop business solution package.


Therefore, Financials are the core to any company business, whatever its size you can continually track your yearly revenue and when it is due for tax.


You will find the business visibility of your cash flow invaluable for your profit generation monthly. Financials reports can be output directly to MS Excel.


iDataFive Sales Ledger l ERP Software Singapore

Hence, The Sales Ledger iDataFive ERP Software Singapore has built-in credit control facilities, for customer account information at your fingertips.



ERP in Singapore l ERP System Software

Accounting Software Singapore payment workflow is enhanced through Singapore bank and cheque payment routines.

Thus, Transactions can be easily operations from other applications such as Sales, Cashbook, Purchase, Payroll into any open period of the last, and current or next financial years.


Fixed Assets l Accounting Software Singapore

Fixed Assets will monitor their depreciation rates and maintain the correct net book value for them throughout their life cycle.

In Conclusion, It caters for all types of assets, including Finance or Operating Lease and Hire Purchase or Lease Purchase assets. What’s more, the import routine makes it simple to import existing asset lists from a spreadsheet in bulk.

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