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IdataFive is a leading industry ERP System Accounting Software Singapore system with a dedicated team of experts in implementing and managing ERP System projects.

Our ERP Accounting Software Singapore System is relied upon by over countless of organisations. The fact that public sector, both for new and existing customers.


Why idataFive?

What idataFive does best is automation, scalability and insight.

idataFive is ideal for organisations with complex financial management needs including public sector bodies, professional services firms and engineering. Customers achieve significant benefits including greater flexibility, improved control and insight to grow as well as cost savings (25-75%) and management time.

Taken together, the costs of provisioning hardware, software, consulting and in-house resources for an on premise solution can be immense.

No Compromise

These organisations are the ones to watch since they have capitalised on everything they learnt on premise to create a new generation of ERP system: Accounting Software Singapore that takes businesses to the next level in terms of automation and sophistication.  And the new tools available in the cloud have assisted in that journey.

Most benefit from the extensive capabilities of new browser technologies such as HTML 5. The cloud is also a great leveller. Thus, Applications such as iData Five financial management, with its unified data model, brings ‘industrial strength’ analytical capabilities within the reach of mid-sized businesses – something previously only available to large public and private sector entities with deep pockets.

 This free Executive Briefing will help you:

  • Differentiate between On-Premise, Hybrid, Hosted, Managed and True Cloud finance systems.
  • Make an informed decision about which of these bewildering Cloud finance system types is best for you.
  • Understand why True Cloud matters to ambitious CFOs looking for a seat at the top table.
  • Evaluate the business benefits and trade-offs of adopting a True Cloud finance system.


The opportunity to consolidate operational and financial systems. The ability to bring in new cloud accounting software gives way for automation and forward planning (like never before), as well as helping to develop accurate reporting and forecasting capabilities.

Updating ERP System Singapore can seem like a daunting task but change inspires opportunity. These opportunities include the capability to standardise processes and save time on training. They also promote transparency between colleges and the sharing of information between services. Staff will be able to access the same systems across multiple sites, making integration easier.

From a financial perspective, cloud based ERP accounting software is subscription based, so the expense comes from operating expenditure rather than capital expenditure, making it easier to budget and plan for any move. For your own financial insight into the merged entity, you’ll gain the ability to deliver more accurate forecasting and spending information. This gives you the visibility to make better decisions as a group, see where profitability lies and cut unnecessary costs.


Cloud-based ERP system Accounting Software Singapore

also offer multiple access, meaning that staff at every level across shared services can view them (if permissions allow). This allows connectivity and visibility between colleges and their staff, as well as local authorities and other organisations if required.

When undergoing change, it’s important to understand the reasons behind it, as well as discovering how other institutions are dealing with similar processes. Where are you on your cloud journey? Learn more about the impact of the recent area reviews and how colleges are succeeding in this new era of cloud based finance technology.


Step by Step Guide

8 Steps to Successful Charity Accounting Software Singapore Selection Considering a new ERP accounting system.

Selecting a new ERP Accounting Software Singapore is a critical decision – and one we all hope to get right first time. This Guide aims to demystify the whole process, outlines 8 key steps to keep you on course and will help you:

  • Ensure Trustee and Leadership team involvement and build the right team to meet with suppliers.
  • Succinctly define your requirements and ensure they meet Trustee and Leadership expectations.
  • Step beyond the traditional feature / function list and prioritise key drivers during the process.
  • Avoid specifying requirements based on how you already do things – technology moves quickly and it pays to keep an open mind.
  • Manage internal expectations and identify those requirements that will have the greatest positive impact.

Ensure you can differentiate between suppliers, and their extravagant claims, and make the best choice for your organisation.

Instead of blindly hacking away at services to meet budgets, it was important that an in-depth review framework was established.

The area reviews were necessary in order to shake up and analyse long running operations. Post area reviews, institutions may be left floating in uncertainty. However, it’s not all doom and gloom, as the area reviews could leave a lasting positive impact if embraced fully.

Require a vast amount of change in a short amount of time, which has led to confusion and dissatisfaction amongst. No-one likes change, especially not when it might negatively affect your job or those under your care.

These savings don’t come overnight and certainly aren’t simple to achieve. To expect colleges to merge in such a short time frame comes with its own unique set of challenges. Most have little transformation experience, as well as a lack of time to devote to integrating systems.



Discover how a proactive approach to mergers will help you create a long-term plan for improvement, including:

  • Ways you can use the opportunity to make processes more collaborative and efficient
  • The key areas you’ll need to strengthen to get there
  • How to manage the impact on people who may be resistant to change
  • The essential changes to IT systems that could make you more flexible and future proof

One of the key drivers for companies using idataFive is a desire to streamline administrative finance tasks. Built in integration with banking systems is an integral part of our solution. Behind the seams this is achieved by a direct integration with the Bottom line secure, cloud based.

idataFive can approve payments with a single click from any device, including their tablet or mobile phone.

About idataFive Accounting Software Singapore

idataFive is a leading vendor of cloud ERP system Accounting Software Singapore to medium and large sized organisations across the globe ranging from professional services firms and engineering consultancies.

More and more organisations are choosing new cloud systems over traditional on premise ERP system Accounting Software Singapore and the demand for our services increases month on month. Hence, For us it is extremely important to have highly qualified Developers when we have such an ambitious and exciting roadmap for our solution in the future.

Software Development

Since its inception idataFive has focused on simplifying and streamlining financial tasks. An essential part of the mission for the Developers is to apply new technologies and finding smarter solutions to achieve this.

Future Proof System

idataFive is growing rapidly. Hence, with we are a very forward-looking product road-map and therefore presents exciting challenges for us. idataFive is constantly enhanced and upgraded throughout the year via quarterly releases – with no impact on client organisations as seen with traditional disruptive upgrades. Each update can include anything from improved usability to new functionality. This ‘release’ approach enables iData Five  to provide one of the most cutting edge and future proof cloud ERP Accounting Software Singapore on the market.

About idataFive

idataFive is a leading vendor of cloud accounting software to medium sized organisations across the globe ranging from professional services firms and engineering consultancies.

Our solutions empower ambitious organisations by simplifying day to day financial management, improving financial control through real-time insight and providing the freedom to focus on strategy and top line growth.

Behind the cloud there is smart software, heavy-duty functionality and levels of support that may come as a pleasant surprise.


On top of that, for business analysis, you can slice and dice and pivot,” she adds.

Features built-in BI capabilities. For example, there are smart KPIs such as aged debt and liquidity ratios; smart tasks automatically monitor workflow for documents awaiting completion or approval; smart events can be set up to automatically monitor data-driven tasks and prompt you to attend to processes such as the approval of time sheets or expenses at the month end, or remind you to send quarterly tax returns.

Therefore, Many entry-level cloud ERP accounting systems offer little in the way of support – though they do enable bookkeepers and accountants to exploit their software to support clients who also use it. Things are different in the mid-market. “We focus on building and sustaining personal relationships with customers that reflect their individual.

Some analysts, who probably should know better, have expressed strong doubts about the sustainability of ERP system in the cloud.


ERP system in the cloud is not the same beast as ERP on premise


ERP Accounting Software Singapore system vendor integrate CRM and advanced mobile applications. On the other hand, idataFive is characterised by the industrial strength of its management information and extraordinary analytical capabilities.

ERP Accounting Software Singapore system is the antithesis of hybrid architecture

In Summary, ERP Accounting Software Singapore system: emulate the successful model of on premise ERP system, in which businesses maximise user productivity. It would be a brave business that decides to break up this highly integrated environment into its component parts. Yet, this is what the hybridisers propose. Hence, future architectures should straddle the premise and cloud worlds.




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