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iDataFive ERP software Singapore Inventory Management and Purchase Order System which encompasses the perfect inventory management toolkit to trigger that growth.


Thus, By deploying this iDataFive Inventory Management and Purchase Order system, you are not just automating the functions of your warehouse.

Hence, Adding a new dimension to the business; meaning, with this, you enables efficient tracking of inventory and all the other features of stores throughout the distribution chain, exactly from receipt to invoicing.

Thus, This module of iDataFive ERP software Singapore Inventory Management helps your business maintain your warehouses properly.

So, Now you can save the money once wasted on inventory when you did not have a modern inventory management system.

Therefore, With its wide range of inbuilt options, the efficiency of handling stocks. Thus, purchase order in warehouse management is effortless.


iDataFive ERP software Singapore Inventory Management and Purchase Order system is an all-in-one warehouse management.

That assists you in streamlining the standard warehouse management process.

With user-friendly solution which can manage the supply chain strategy effectively, you can simply control all the movements and storage of stocks within the store without any hassle.


ERP Software Singapore. ERP Software in Singapore

Save money and time with automation

Henceforth, With hundreds or thousands of purchase orders manually is quite expensive, time-consuming and of course prone to human errors like inputting mistakes and loss of physical documents.

So, The typical paper documents require a substantial, costly offsite storage which is difficult with limited space availability.

Thus, All these drawbacks of traditional purchase order systems can be overcome with iDataFive ERP software Singapore Inventory Management and Purchase Order module.

Effective Purchase Requisitions Management

Therefore, With this module now you’re Purchase Requisitions Management process can embrace automation minimising paperwork.

Hence, Enables your users to choose products from your catalogue directly, or alter descriptions while assisting you to digitalise the order collection, bids, quotations and order process.

Thus, With this iDataFive ERP software Singapore Inventory Management, purchase requisitions can be developed for materials, products, packaging supplies and different services from one or varied facilities.

Order Management System

Thus, This order management option provides one centralised hub to manage orders from all sales channels of the business.

Also, Persistent and seamless implementation across all customers, stock and supply chain touch points. Hence, this module enhances the customer satisfaction, retention and lasting loyalty.

Also, iDataFive ERP software Singapore Inventory Management order management mechanism is an efficient automated system that seamlessly orchestrates the accomplishment of products across all your customer segments virtually.

Integration with Accounting Software

Hence, The software enables you to record stock counts, value inventory, determine and other stock levels quickly including reordering quantity with the assistance of the accounting software.

Primary Functionalities

Thus, iDataFive ERP software Singapore Inventory Management and Purchase Order module is a complete warehouse and distribution management software features.

Purchase Order line Management

Hence, iDataFive ERP software Singapore Inventory Management all the purchase order line functionalities

  • System calculation of required delivery time and unit price, rapid seizure without the physical product
  • Ability to deal with double units of measure in order

Supply Chain Management

Hence, Providing you with tools to monitor and manage your warehouse supply effortlessly this functionality helps you establish a smooth supply chain management process.

  • Management of multiple delivery grids
  • An array of delivery logistics
  • Suppliers’ preferences management
  • Price configuration mechanisms

Multiple Pricing List Administration

Thus, iDataFive ERP software Singapore Inventory Management prices and price lists through different options helping you minimise the time and effort wasted in administrating bills of pricing.

  • Management of discount and suppliers’ promotion
  • Management of limited price
  • Suppliers’ conditions and contracts
  • Multi-currency conversion

Accounting System Invoicing Integration

Henceforth, Inventory Management can be integrated with your accounting System and perform accounting practices related to stock and orders.

  • Managing invoices and orders
  • Easy integration to accounting through cost centre
  • Double entry related to stock
  • Stock valuation

Purchase Orders System

Thus, This Inventory Management software offers you a set of purchase order management options, which you can use to manage the entire process with a simple click.

  • Ability to handle multiple addresses of suppliers
  • Identification by vendor’s signature and confirmation
  • Systematic delivery to the warehouse directly to the client
  • Suggested orders according to your management practices
  • Collecting orders from all sales channels of the entity

Product Management

Also, All the finished goods in the warehouse can be managed easily with this functionality until they are delivered to the respective Customer as it enables automation of the product management process.

  • Product lines and models management
  • Management of goods and services to be stocked
  • Suppliers management
  • Availability of hierarchical categories of goods
  • Monitoring providers’ preferences
  • Managing of vendors reference and appellation
  • Support and recognises barcodes

Stock Control and Tracking System

In Addition, Inventory Management facilitates smooth follow-up and inventory tracking enabling you to manage your inventory without any stress.

  • Detailed list history status
  • Control of received invoice
  • Administration, automation, and handling of delivery.
  • Receipt and partial invoicing management
  • Suppliers’ delay follow-up and alerts
  • Support of 12 barcodes.
  • Multiple of logistic unit’s management

Reordering Point and Safety Stock Management

Therefore, iDataFive ERP software Singapore is fused with the company accounting system.

Thus, The software can automatically calculate and forecast stock reordering levels and prescribe buffer stock limits to be maintained for contingencies.

  • Calculation of minimum order quantity by product and by the warehouse.
  • Ability to keep the product in order mode
  • Integrated for alerts and exceptions on the stock.
  • Possible modification at any time of the reordering

Store and Multi-location Management

Therefore, HiDataFive ERP software Singapore Inventory Management is capable of managing different warehouses and locations simultaneously which enhance the productivity of your inventory and order processes.

  • Multi-sales points
  • Multi-warehouses
  • Multi-lingual options
  • Multi-delivery modes.

Integration and Bar Coding Inventory

Hence, With this feature of the iDataFive ERP software Singapore Inventory Management and Purchase Order Software, you can integrate, all the other existing software modules and applications without any trouble.

  • The module for electronic orders
  • General and analytic ledger
  • Stock control and tasks follow-up and barcoding

Easy to Use Tools

Thus, iDataFive ERP software Singapore Inventory Management is designed adhering to ergonomic standards providing you with an intuitive user interface.

  • Reminder function on the customer’s preference
  • Subscription management
  • Quick zooming options
  • ‘Click and relate’ easy navigation tools

Report Generation

Also, Electronically generating all the reports related to stocks and purchase orders this module saves you time and simplify the report generation process.

In Conclusion, It can produce customised reports using open office providing you with options to integrate these reports with MS Excel and MS Word depending on your company applications.

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