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ERP Software Singapore l HR Software Singapore

iDataFive ERP Software Human Resource software Singapore efficiently manages your company personnel with accurate and detailed records.

A comprehensive range of information for each employee, from contact details, leave balances, medical history, staff development, CVs, payroll, and all relevant events.

iDataFive Human Resource software job functions.

Store database items or attachments and details may include certification, education, training, skills, and certificates, before employment as well as create links to other pertinent records.

Robust power searches

Perform powerful skills searches on the employee database based on CV details to maximise your organisation’s existing power base.

An unlimited number of ERP Software Singapore search filters can be nominated, and broken down into the level, type and requirement.

Also, can specify whether an employee needs to match any specified criteria and search results can be ranked in order by percentage.

Grievance management

Capture details of any injuries that occur within your company for example at workplace bullying, and record details people involved and the outcome.

Grievances can be filed by both employees and external parties and assist you in ensuring an appropriate resolution.

An Incident at workplace

Available fields refer to the person injured at the workplace, and the surrounding circumstances, people involved at the scene.

Disciplinary action HR software management

Take full account of the circumstances and outcomes arising from the Incident at the workplace.


Committee maintenance

Record the formation and affairs of any committees formed within your organisation.

Capture relevant information related to the committee’s status, meetings, purpose, past and present members and their roles.

HR software record

Particularly useful for your company that use the contract on a regular basis.

Extensive reporting ERP Software Singapore

All the necessary analysis at workplace and insight required by most organisations is delivered using a comprehensive library of reports.

Function and HR software data security

Protect your sensitive data with this powerful and highly flexible security structure.

Therefore, Designate whether users can access payroll services and data, HR information or both.

Company charts

Thus, Create detailed organisational charts to show the relationship between roles and functions visible.

ERP Software Singapore Software Factor

Hence, iDataFive Human Resource software provides with the Factor on the staff.


Integration with iDataFive ERP Payroll

iDataFive ERP Software and Payroll are fully and reciprocally integrated.

Also, Users with appropriate security can perform HR software and payroll employee maintenance functions from the one screen.

Integration with CRM software Singapore

Thus, Attach files of any format to company employee records, licence copies, driving qualification certificates and incident reports.

iDatafive Human Resource Management software able to capture a comprehensive range of information.

Also, These including contact details, leave balances, payroll, allocated roles, medical history, and staff development.

 iDataFive Job functions

Using iDataFive standard ERP Software Singapore functions.

Hence, HR Managers can ensure that when new duties are assigned to employees.

In conclusion, The employee is suitably qualified and equipped to carry out the tasks required successfully.

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